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SESSION ONE - Animal Planet ☐

Learn about the animal ecosystem! Students will have a week filled with knowledge and fun activities such as the ultimate Safari Hunt at school!

SESSION TWO - Outer Space ☐

Learn about the solar system and create your own solar system model! Students will also learn about the moon, constellations, space, and spacecrafts!

SESSION THREE – Art and Music ☐

Learn about the different art forms including Visual/Preforming Arts and design fun projects surrounding them!


This week is all about STEAM! Students will learn basic coding which will allow them to program their own robot, and other fun activities!

SESSION FIVE - Catch the waves ☐

Students will learn about the ocean and its animals. They will also learn about pollution and how it affects the ocean's ecosystem. With all this knowledge students will then build an ocean diorama and make a presentation!



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