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FAQ Chia Seed Learning Center Provides High-quality Mandarin/STEAM Classes

  • How many kids will be in the class? Is there a max? Our classroom has a Chinese teacher and a teaching assistant, and we plan to enroll no more than 12 students in a class. Currently the teacher-student ratio is 1:6

  • Will enrollment change on a rolling basis meaning you can add more kids as the year goes on?  We set up classes at the beginning. If there are students who are interested later, I will determine whether he can join according to his Chinese level. ( the family friends are preferred due to Covid-19, I want to keep this class small and safe) All our Chinese courses are based on pod groups. If the number of students is less than 2 students, I will consider suspending

  • Will we be paying tuition month to month?Yes. We pay tuition month to month. Including the holiday season.  

  • Any other fees I should be aware of besides the materials fee ? Is there a sibling discount? Chia Seed will charge 100 registration fees and deposits. 10% off tuition fee for the 2nd child.

  • Will the classes be all held indoors or mix of both indoor and outdoors?We do not offer outdoor activities in Saturday classes, but we have outdoor classes in afterschool programs such as yoga and soccer. If you are worried about covid-19, we will give detailed answers to the following questions

  • Will masks be a requirement for both students and teachers?  Not anymore. See our school handbook.

  • Any other covid precautions?  Air purifiers, frequent hand washing, etc? Are parents of the children required to be vaccinated? We need to measure the temperature, and I suggest that parents bring hand sanitizer and spare masks for each child. We will wash our hands often. The school disinfects teaching aids every day.

  • Will a snack be provided? Yes we do offer snack. 

  • Do I need to pack lunch for them? Yes

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