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About Us

"When we plant the seed of knowledge in fertile minds, we witness the magic of growth and exploration."

 - Maria Montessori


When our first learning pod in West LA was built at 2020, the name Chia-Seed felt destined. As our first students graduated, something magical happened in our garden: sage plants sprouted, revealing an abundance of chia seeds. The origin of "chia" holds diverse interpretations, the resemblance between "chia" and the ancient Asian country "China" adds a profound connection to our mission.Our name reflects our commitment to honoring traditions and welcoming diversity. Just as chia seeds are renowned for their exceptional qualities as a "magic seed" and "superfood," our little ones possess a similarly remarkable attribute—their absorbent minds. Inspired by the words of Maria Montessori, we recognize that children have a special sensitivity that allows them to absorb everything around them, enabling them to adapt and thrive in life's journey.

At Chia Seed Learning Center, we provide a nurturing environment for children to learn Chinese in a natural and immersive way. Through our bilingual Montessori education approach, children are exposed to the Chinese language and culture from an early age, allowing them to develop strong language skills and cultural understanding.

Our curriculum incorporates various engaging activities, such as storytelling, songs, games, and hands-on experiences, to make learning Chinese fun and interactive. We believe in the power of meaningful connections and provide opportunities for children to engage in conversations and practice their language skills with peers and teachers.

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We utilize Montessori materials and methods to facilitate language acquisition. Children are introduced to Chinese characters, phonetics, vocabulary, and sentence structures in a progressive manner, building a solid foundation for their language development. They have the freedom to explore and engage with materials at their own pace, promoting independent learning and critical thinking.

Our dedicated and trained teachers create a supportive and encouraging environment where children feel comfortable expressing themselves in Chinese. They use a variety of teaching techniques to cater to different learning styles and ensure that each child receives personalized attention.

We invite you to visit Chia Seed Learning Center and immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of our classrooms.


We look forward to meeting you and embark on this remarkable educational journey together!

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