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I am beyond grateful for the amazing experience my child has had at Chia Seed Learning Center. The teachers and staff are incredibly caring, dedicated, and skilled. They create a nurturing environment where my child feels safe and loved. The curriculum is fantastic, incorporating Montessori principles and bilingual education seamlessly. My child has blossomed academically and socially since joining this center. I highly recommend Chia Seed Learning Center to any parent seeking a top-notch early childhood education program. Thank you, Chia Seed, for the wonderful impact you've had on my child's development!

Chia Seed is the complete Mandarin learning experience I wish we had heard of when we moved to the South Bay.

Featuring Montessori certified teachers who truly care about your children's development, a 360 approach to learning language through music, independent work, sports, art and STEAM and thoughtful games, we can safely say that our daughter's Mandarin has surpassed my husband's (and this happened in about 8 months or so ) All of the teachers have been incredibly kind and invested in her progress, not only in language but developmentally, having helped us navigate some o her newer emotions in a safe and nurturing manner.

Our daughter adores Roland, Hans and Yanzi - and although we are graduating this year, we'll be back in the new year for after school to continue her language journey.


I signed up my daughter for CSLC last year for spring break, and she loved it. As a native Mandarin speaker, I've been struggling to have my kid speak Chinese on a daily basis, as she doesn't have enough exposure during the school year. Just a few days after starting, her Mandarin speaking improved tremendously, and she was much more willing to speak full, long sentences in Chinese. Not only did we love it as a Chinese immersion program, but the Montessori approach was also great. During Montessori work hours, they get to work on/play with various carefully selected projects that are mostly related to Chinese culture. Ms. Yanzi and Ms. Roland are both experienced and loving. We are signing up both of our daughters for their summer camp this year. The kids are looking forward to having much more fun at Chia seed.


— AI.Z

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