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The following is required before families can be considered for admission:




Parents are invited to see a classroom in session and take a tour of our entire program. It includes time to speak with the admissions staff.

Tours can be RSVP.

Vaccination record is requested for parents visiting our school. 


West LA Campus: Tuesdays  10:00 - 11:00 am
Redondo Beach Campus: Wednesdays  10:00 - 11:00 am

The tour is for adults only. Parents should plan to remain for the entire tour.






Participation in the PARENT AND ME program is required for all families being considered for admission. PARENT AND ME sessions are offered throughout the year; only one session of 6 classes is required for applicants.

Children must be 20 months old to participate in the PARENT AND ME program.

In addition, we require all children to be fully immunized. Please include proof of immunization records with registration form.

Chia Seed Learning Center seeks students who would thrive in our mixed-age environment, offering freedom of choice within limits, and supports the development of autonomy, intellectual curiosity, personal and social responsibilities. Families are expected to work with the school in a spirit of collaboration to support their children and the school’s mission.

Before attending PARENT AND ME sessions, observations at either campus must be done prior to enrollment.




A completed application plus a $100 non-refundable fee must be received by February 1st. In addition, we require all children to be fully immunized. Please include proof of immunization records with application.

To be considered for the new school year, students must be at least 24 months old by May 10th or 20 months old by January 10th. Students 3 years old must be toilet trained.

Current students are re-enrolled in January. New student enrollment begins in February.

At all other times in the school year, admissions are on a “rolling” basis only, with children being considered or accepted only as space becomes available.

In our effort to recreate the model educational setting foreseen in the philosophy of Doctor Montessori, with relatively even distribution of ages and genders, is critical to the success of the three-year developmental cycles into which students are grouped. The school therefore reserves the right to ultimately determine admission on the basis of age and gender.

Please download and email/mail this application along with a $100 non-refundable fee.

Enrollment form

A student is considered enrolled only after an advance tuition deposit and a contract has been signed and returned to the school. All other paperwork for matriculation must be complete by the designated dates.


Thank you for contacting us

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