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After School Program: 
Tk-Kindergarten through 6th grade

        After school program provides a safe and nurturing environment for school age children to foster academic growth, language skills, and social development through enrichment classes. We seek to provide a well-rounded learning experience that supports the social, emotional, intellectual and physical growth of our students. A healthy and active lifestyle is encouraged among our students through recreational activities and outdoor play. Our classes are taught in Mandarin Chinese or English depending on your choice of programs.

        Our After School Program provides homework support and tutoring in variety of academic subjects (math, reading and writing, science, language arts), and enrichment activities including arts and crafts, hands-on activities, Lego project, science project, gardening, outdoor activities, calligraphy, and elective Chinese language classes. Our goal is to work collaboratively with parents, students, and the community to provide a program that positively impacts our youths’ at an early stage in their academic and social development.





* Our school shuttles will pick up children at the parking lots of their regular schools.

For On-Site After School 


* Starting in the fall of 2024, we will be offering a series of courses specifically designed for young learners in the Beach Schools. These courses, held one- three times per week, will feature engaging and educational activities aimed at enhancing children's Chinese language learning experience.

Reserve your spot in the course here



MIE Program (TK-G6) Mandarin Immersive/Homework support and tutoring/ Chinese level beginner-advanced/Lego project/Science project/

2:30 - 3:00pm - Transition to MIE and Snack Time
3:00 - 4:00pm - Enrichment Time - Classes included will be: Chinese Culture, Lego, STEM, Coding, Yoga, Entrepreneurship
Advanced Mandarin, Art, etc.
4:00 - 5:10pm - Homework Help Time
5:10 - 5:30pm - Down time - Students will be able to do small games or

activities while waiting for pick up.

Regular School Closed


After-School Programs will offer full-day camp care when day schools are closed. In order to ensure your child's attendance, please sign up in advance.


  • $100 per day for CSLC current students

  • $120 per day for not a regular CSLC student.

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