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Meet the Staff

Our mission is to inspire students to develop a love of learning, and empower them with the skills and knowledge to become confident, optimistic, and socially responsible citizens. We are committed to providing a positive bilingual learning environment that promotes cross-cultural awareness, academic success, and strive to enrich the lives of our students as they participate in an increasingly global society.


Classroom Teacher


Roland has a broad range of experience in education working with pre-k-5th grade students in China and U.S. When attended Institute of photography, Roland was passionate about teaching special students art through her college. Certified through the American Montessori Society(AMS) program, Roland is true believer in hands-on learning and integrating the Montessori Method and Mindfulness in her work. Roland is a certified children yoga teacher through training with MMY’ program in Los Angeles.

Her past work experience include designing activities include arts and crafts, age-appropriate physical skill-building activities for Adventure plex camp, providing childcare for BCHD Health& Fitness Clubhouse, teaching in South Bay Montessori School, teaching Chinese in Oneplus Chinese Learning Center. She has developed ECE planning, Montessori curriculum implementation, oversight, and leadership development practices that have been emulated throughout the US and internationally. 

Classroom Teacher


Classroom Teacher


Hans is a mechanical engineer and an experienced STEAM teacher who has expertise in Minecraft Education, LEGO, ROBOTIC, and CODING.

In the past year, Hans helped children in the Chia Seed Learning Center create STEAM courses. The children learned group challenges, social interaction and collaboration, and executive function skills.
He also has ESL teaching experience in Cambodia from grades 5 to 12, and has extensive educational experience in student cooperation.

Hans was also an excellent tennis player. In his spare time, Hans also likes to teach his students to play tennis and soccer.

Syracuse University

Masters of Science (B.S.) (M.S.) Mechanical Engineering 2013 - 2018

Design engineer in Syracuse University Formula SAE team (2015-2018). 3D design for bodywork, suspension system, intake/exhaust system, pedal shifter.

Lead Product development Engineer in ERAVANT, Inc. (2019-2020) In charge of microwave frequency antennas, 5G waveguide components, testing equipment's, and military grade radar development.

High School Varsity Tennis Team Captain in Thornton Academy, Maine (2012)

MS. Yanzi

Classroom Teacher

Saint Louis Traning Center of AMI

2020 -2021


Teaching Director, Montessori teacher in DeJie Montessori
Children’s House

Screen Shot 2023-03-07 at 1.09.00 PM.png

Yanzi is a lifelong learner, an experienced Montessori teacher who is loved by children. She is also a postgraduate student majoring in English and the mother of a five-year-old boy. She used to be an English teacher and an International tour leader. Because of the interest in early childhood education, she went to study Montessori theory and gained certificate of Montessori teacher in St. Louis Montessori Training Center in the United States. She has been working as a Montessori teacher for more than five years. In her spare time, Yanzi likes reading, traveling, and watching American TV series.  

Jing has 14 years of teaching experience in the field of music, and the students she has taught range widely in ages from 4 years to 60+ years. She can play piano, accordion, and electronic keyboard, which helped her to interact and play with the children by playing instruments and singing songs. Jing joined Chia Seed in 2021. She is good at using keyboards and rhythms to lead children to explore sensory development and learn Chinese.

In the past two years, Jing has studied early childhood education and integrated music into early childhood education. Jing believes that the combination of music and Chinese learning can not only cultivate children's musical ability, but also create a good environment and atmosphere for children's growth.

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