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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world". -- Nelson Mandela

Kindergarten Classroom

Preschool: 2-5 Year Old Class

        Through collaborative learning, children within our preschool program will learn skills for practical life, refinement of their senses, language, and mathematics, and hands-on opportunities in areas ranging from physical science to history. This unique approach allows your child to develop skills that will foster incredible success throughout their lifetime.

Our individual curriculum includes:

  • Sensorial material that helps to provide your child with the ability to order, classify and describe sense experiences.

  • Manipulative materials help teach Mathematics to ensure your child grasps key concepts of numbers and symbols.

  • Self Expression through the vehicles of Music and Art aids in communication development.

  • Practical life activities include the development of control and movement, concentration and purposeful work.


        We also offer in-home pod learning service! Contact us and have more information!


        Tuition and Fees

Full Day: $1400/month (4 weeks) 9am-3pm

Half Day: $1250/month (4 weeks) 9am-12:30pm

Materials fee: $30 (1 month)

Early drop in fee: 8:00am, free

After school fee: 150/month, 3pm- 5pm

Chalkboard Drawings

After School Program: 
Tk-Kindergarten through 3rd grade

        After school program provides a safe and nurturing environment for school age children to foster academic growth, language skills, and social development through enrichment classes. We seek to provide a well-rounded learning experience that supports the social, emotional, intellectual and physical growth of our students. A healthy and active lifestyle is encouraged among our students through recreational activities and outdoor play. Our classes are taught in Mandarin Chinese or English depending on your choice of programs.

        Our After School Program provides homework support and tutoring in variety of academic subjects (math, reading and writing, science, language arts), and enrichment activities including arts and crafts, hands-on activities, Lego project, science project, gardening, outdoor activities, calligraphy, and elective Chinese language classes. Our goal is to work collaboratively with parents, students, and the community to provide a program that positively impacts our youths’ at an early stage in their academic and social development.


        After school (Both Chinese&STEAM) Tuition**

**Includes: daily Chinese, homework support, science project, enrichment activities.

Transition K: Extra $50 more than Kindergartners per installment.

Transportation: $100/installment for 5days program. $ $90/installment for 4days program; $80/installment for 3days program

Discount and payment

Sibling Discount: 20% off tuition fee for the 2nd child

First installment is due on August 3rd, and remaining installment due on 3rd of each month.

Kids in Art Class

Summer Program

        Summer Camp provides an excellent opportunity to learn Chinese language and STEAM through engaging activities in our immersion Montessori-based environment! Our well rounded-program incorporates arts and crafts, academic enrichment, sports, technology, yoga and fun activities. Using task-based language teaching method, campers will learn and practice Mandarin Chinese through meaningful activities designed to expand their language skills.

        Tuition and Fees

Full Day: $1450/session (4 weeks) 9am-5pm

Half Day: $1050/session (4 weeks) 9am-12pm or 2pm-5pm

Materials fee: $30 (4 weeks)

Early drop in fee: 8:00am, $50/4 weeks

(Schedule is subject to change due to COVID.)


Sibling Discount: $20 off tuition fee for the 2nd child; $30 off tuition fee for the 3rd child and thereafter.

Arts and Crafts Class

Mandarin Program

        Our Mandarin program is designed to motivate and encourage students to learn and improve Mandarin Chinese through two way immersion Montessori education and task-based learning methods which allow students to learn authentic language within a dynamic and meaningful context. This approach allows literacy to grow naturally and the language is constantly reinforced through creative thinking. Lessons are fun, interactive, and educational with Chinese cultural elements. In addition, classes are integrated with role play, music, stories, games, visual & creative arts, and physical activities. Our approach encourages children to have fun and be actively involved in our classes.

STEAM Program

        At STEAM Summer program, your child will make the creative decisions about what they want to learn! Campers have an opportunity to intuitively guide their own learning experience, deciding their own unique schedule.

        We provide a daily rotation of fun activities to spark your child’s interest. Through this unique mode of learning and fun, children have a holistic experience into the immersive world of learning.

        The STEAM Afterschool program are also available when school is in session at our independent school site Monday-Friday.

        Subjects covered: LEGO, Robotics, Coding, Fine Arts, Accelerated Math & Reading.

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